2017 Solar Eclipse Weekend

In hopes of catching the full effect of a solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, Americans are travelling to states that are not usually top destinations. The 2017 solar eclipse has drawn national anticipation, and many American travelers are determined to witness it from the best views across the country. Here is an overview and visualization of the impact that the eclipse has had on hotel bookings across the USA. These results were gathered and analyzed days before the 21st.

Hotel Bookings Spike Across the USA

The map shows hotel bookings for the weekend of August 20th on a relative scale. Numbers on the map represent a ratio between check-ins on eclipse weekend and all other August weekends.

Highest % Increase in Hotel Bookings by State:

  • South Carolina: 217%

  • Tennessee: 168%

  • Wyoming: 162%

  • Missouri: 147%

  • Oregon: 141%

  • Idaho: 138%

Small States Win Big on Eclipse Weekend

It’s expected to see a comparative increase in hotel bookings, but how do the smaller states stack up against more densely populated states like Florida and New York?

  • California normally sees roughly 6x more hotel reservations than South Carolina — but that lead was cut in half to only 3x on solar eclipse weekend.

  • Washington is consistently a top ten state for most hotel reservations per weekend, ahead of Tennessee and the Carolinas, but on solar eclipse weekend it fell behind all three.

  • Oregon and Missouri were among the top fifteen states showing highest total national hotel bookings — and they usually fall in the bottom half.

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*The data shown is based on a sample of anonymized and aggregated e-receipts from millions of consumers in the United States.