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Investment Insights

Get information that immediately drives investment decisions, unlocking insights that help find alpha and gain a competitive edge.

Local Market Intelligence

Research with deep geographic resolution and compete at a granular level. View customer overlap with third parties.

Market & Brand Dynamics

Understand market or brand share. Win/lose analysis, statistical vendor comparisons, and growth metrics. Market-wide basket analysis and white space analysis.

Brand Scorecard

Benchmark sales, transactions, average order value and basket stats, and revenue per customers.

Pricing and Promotions

Stay informed about your competitors' promotions, average price per order and number of items sold - in aggregated insights.

Share of Market

Measure customer share of wallet by retailer and brand. Analyze by time periods long or short for quarterly, monthly or weekly trends-- in aggregated and anonymized research.

Supply Side Insights

Get supplier metrics for competitive marketplaces- Travel OTAs, restaurants, grocery deliveries, Marketplaces and more.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Detailed view of brand loyalty and effectiveness of competitor’s digital merchandising strategy. Customer migrations, seller performance, and more.

Engagement Intelligence

Measure engagement signals by brand or retailer, like promotional emails. Keep a watch on up and coming brands.

Analyze Customer Demand

Understand overall health of a brand or industry. Measure consumer demand as it shifts according to trends in sign ups, cancellations, growth vs. unsubscribes, and more.

Travel Booking Insights

Analyze purchase days in advance, nights of stay, weekday vs. weekend reservations by metro of destination, and direct vs. OTA.

Shipping & Delivery Research

Gain deep understanding of shipping patterns. Research is available for US and many international regions.

How Customers Use Edison Trends Food Delivery Insights

Raising the Standard of Privacy in Consumer Research

Edison Trends practices privacy by design, always preserving the anonymity of participants in our research, ensuring they are never personally targeted for advertising or other purposes. Data at the source of our Trends research is anonymized and is only provided for consumption in aggregate form. Additionally, we make certain our analyses are statistically valid. We normalize against the longest running and most respected research authority, the U.S. Census.

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Every Purchase Answers A Critical Question

Understand the competitive landscape.
Get deep insights into customer buying behavior.
Identify market growth opportunities.
Find the best markets to invest in.
See which sellers drive revenue.
Prioritize partnership opportunities.
Follow your investment interests.

No Data Is More Accurate & Actionable

Insights based on actual purchases, processed with perfected AI‑algorithms to ensure you are always on the money.

No Company Is More Focused on Protecting User Privacy

100% owned and controlled data. Anonymized and aggregated information, never compromising consumer privacy.

No Research Is As Customized

Count on world-class data science to analyze and deliver industry trend data. Add and change data views, buyer flows, and more.

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