Navigating The “Age of the Customer”

Today customers, not companies, drive business decisions. That’s why Edison Trends offers Vitals to provide a deeper understanding of consumer demand as it shifts. Analyze engagement between merchants and shoppers for insights including sign ups vs. cancellations, account growth vs. unsubscribes, and more.

Completely Customizeable

There is no one-fits-all dashboard for every customer. We take pride in offering our customers a unique and insightful toolset for making informed decisions fast. Collaborate with our team to get the intelligence you need to scale your business.

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Beautiful and Actionable Intelligence Designed for Everyone

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Granular Insights

Detailed behavior patterns to improve your customers’ experience and business results.

Correlate Behaviors

Access engagement patterns across an industry to see the big picture of your customer landscape.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Illuminate which newcomers in your industry are gaining ground and track their progress.

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