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Edison Trends research is CCPA, GDPR, and Privacy Shield compliant. TRUSTe by TrustArc has verified Edison’s privacy practices against TRUSTe Privacy Standards using a combination of technical and manual methodologies and company self-attestations.

Edison prohibits all Edison Trends subscribers from attempting to re-identify users or use the information we share for any purpose other than creating aggregate reports and understanding commerce trends.

We're The Premium Source for Shopping Insights

Edison’s panel is representative of the US population, with minimal bias and low churn. It is one of the largest, most active, and highly accurate e-commerce panels available in the consumer transaction category. The precision of our extraction algorithms that generate detailed insights in our research is unmatched by other providers.

Insights That Are Relevant to Your Business

Alpha is at your fingertips. Whether using only our research or to supplement your own, never worry about blending disparate sources with our first-class insights — packaged with the most accurate and effective information, in the way that works best for you. Edison Trends Direct includes up-to-the-moment insights that are primed to become a rewarding extension of your business.

Privacy Focused & Leaders in Transparency

Edison is extremely privacy-focused, a leader in transparency, and the only e-commerce research company to brand all of its products and services under a single roof. Every consumer of our products is required to accept our policies before participating in Edison Trends anonymized research. We allow consumers to opt-out at any time and delete all their data. We never track or allow others to track our consumer users for ad targeting or lookalike audiences while using our services. Consumers have the right to use our services and deny Edison use of any of their anonymized information to create insights. Consumers can also at any time request to delete any and all of their information on our systems.

Item-Level e-Receipt Data

Maximize the power of your analytics effort. Get unparalleled visibility into consumer purchase behavior from public and private companies. Map anonymized and aggregated user interactions with e-commerce beyond just purchase information - across all key verticals. Over 30 fields delivered daily which detail the transactions for more intelligent insights than credit card panels offer.

Forecast Quarterly Revenue

Use research as model input.

Track Key Purchase Metrics

Customer loyalty, average order value, cities, new categories and more.

Supplement Fundamentals

Forecast sales and revenue, predict earnings.

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