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Analyze key purchase metrics, and strategize business changes.

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Data Science Driven

Collaborate with our Data Science team to find the metrics that help your business objectives and learn about new and actionable metrics from the minds at Edison. Trends keeps you informed about the real-time opportunities and threats relevant to your business—including competitive landscapes, brand loyalty, share of wallet, market trends, geographic growth, purchase preferences, price shifts, and more.

Customizable Dashboard

There is no one-fits-all dashboard for everyone. We take pride in offering our customers a unique and insightful toolset to make informed decisions fast. Collaborate with our team to get the intelligence you need to scale your business.

The "Age of the Customer"

Today customers, not companies, drive business decisions. That’s why we offer analytics that provide a deeper understanding of consumer purchase patterns as they shift. Compete with confidence, and drive business growth with actionable insights based on e-commerce data collected for you and your competitors.

Direct & High Confidence

A stable, high quality and diversified panel offering the most accurate representation of online shopping trends. Our proprietary anonymized and aggregated data is based on e-receipts across the USA and beyond. Low churn.

Depth & Flexibility

Enhanced visibility of item-level data from e-commerce purchases-- including product titles, quantities, price, SKU numbers, and more — over time by demographic and geography.

Quality Uncompromised

Unlike other data providers, Edison’s cutting edge AI-algorithms ensure that insights stem from the cleanest data possible, translating into minimal margin for error.

Granular Insights

Detailed behavior patterns to improve your customers’ experience and business results.

Correlate Behaviors

Access engagement patterns across an industry to see the big picture of your customer landscape.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Illuminate which newcomers in your industry are gaining ground and track their progress.

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