Popular Chicken Outlet Remains Top Chicken Sandwich Seller via Food Delivery Apps

Key Takeaways

• Chick-Fil-A took in 41% of the money spent on chicken sandwiches through food delivery apps (among top 8 brands)

• McDonald’s introduction of three new chicken sandwiches in February has them solidly in second

The chicken sandwich wars rage on among quick service restaurants. Demand for the tasty offerings may even be contributing to supply issues and price increases for chicken across the US. In February, McDonald’s added fuel to the fire by releasing three new chicken sandwiches. To measure how off-premise online chicken sandwich sales have fared, Edison Trends analyzed over 120,000 U.S. transactions from top-selling restaurants via food delivery service sales.

Which Quick Service Restaurants are selling the most chicken sandwiches?

Figure 1: Chart shows estimated market share of spend on chicken sandwiches by month, from January 1, 2019 - April 30, 2021, according to Edison Trends. This analysis was performed on over 120,000 transactions from 16 food delivery services. Due to rounding, numbers may not add to 100%.

The last year has seen many ups and downs when it comes to chicken sandwich sales. Looking at the top quick-service restaurants selling chicken sandwiches through food delivery apps, it's easy to see the big bite Popeyes took out of Chick-fil-A and McDonalds when they introduced their chicken sandwich on August 12, 2019. That sandwich sold out soon after, but Popeyes began climbing again in November 2019 and in January 2020 earned 31% of the money spent on chicken sandwiches among these brands.

After that, Chick-fil-A regained top position and has held it since. In April 2021, they took in 41% of the money spent on chicken sandwiches through food delivery apps among these brands. McDonald's was second with 27%, riding their debut of three new chicken sandwiches in late February. Popeye's took 12%, and Wendy's 6%. The final four were KFC with 5%, Jack in the Box with 4%, Burger King with 3% and Zaxby's with 2%.

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*The data shown is based on a sample of anonymized and aggregated e-receipts from millions of consumers in the United States.