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Competing for QSR and Restaurant sales. Who's eating your lunch?

The increasing adoption of digital portals is expected to drive U.S. Fast Food sales by as much as $40 billion from mobile orders alone by 2020. Navigating critical operational trends across the casual dining, fast casual, fast food and quick service restaurant industry demands the best intelligence available today. For the first time, understand the shifting appetites of consumers, which restaurants are leading vs emerging threats, which online strategies are winning and more.

QSR Restaurant Insights from Edison Trends provide immediate and accurate research across competitive market share, geographic highlights, urban area slicing, order statistics, buyer preferences, consumer behavior and more.

Restaurant Share by Delivery Partner Remained Steady in 2019

DoorDash Grew Sales for Panda Express

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QSR & Restaurant Research

The Edison Trends team are experts in understanding the growing digital QSR and Restaurant landscape and assessing the value that third-party food delivery operators offer restaurants today. Top global QSR chains rely on Edison’s high confidence data to inform their operational decisions. Used by companies as a reference in earnings reports and financial S1s.

Identify Competitive Threats

Determine who has the most market share, highest growth, and opportunity across geographies.

Understand Winning Strategies

Examine why competitor sales are successful—consumer behavior, loyalty, item level insights, transactions and more.

Evaluate Delivery Operators

Understand the sales impact of third party delivery operators in different markets.


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