Our Methodology

Nationally Representative & Unparalleled in Precision

Edison’s panel is representative of the entire US population. It is one of the largest, most active, and highly accurate e-commerce panels available in the consumer transaction category. The precision of our data extraction algorithms that generate detailed insights in our research is unmatched by other providers.

Edison Trends always looks at data in anonymized and aggregate form, and we ensure that our analyses are statistically valid, as we normalize against the U.S. Census. In our research, we always analyze a statistically representative portion of U.S. users. That is how we are able to reliably generate insights from millions of consumers to indicate hundreds of millions of purchase trends across the country.

The Most Accurate Representation of e‑Commerce Trends

Edison Trends research is based on a sample of anonymized and aggregated e-commerce e-receipts from millions of consumers in the United States.

Research Based on Actual Purchase Receipts

Due to the uniqueness and ubiquity of email as the source of its e-receipt data, Edison has only a minimal fraction of the churn and bias that other research panels suffer if fueled by consumer shopping applications that only a particular type of buyer may use. Unlike traditional panel providers, Edison excels in engaging young professionals, high income households, mothers, and other hard to reach segments.

Why Is Our Data More Accurate?

Industry Experience

Years of honing advanced AI-algorithms to deliver the “cleanest” high accuracy research.

Safe & Secure

Privacy by design means compliance and zero-risk.

Representative Panel

Ubiquity of people that use email for e-receipts- delivers research that is representative to your target market

Direct Data

e-Receipts owned directly by Edison, deliver more granular and accurate information than credit cards or clickstream data often sold by data resellers.

Daily Delivery

Our research is refreshed and delivered daily— faster than all other competitive intelligence companies.

Privacy By Design

Edison Trends is a compliant, flexible, and zero-risk research product based on a data panel owned directly by Edison. Learn More chevron_right

Powerfully Objective AI

Edison’s AI software is trained specifically to recognize and automatically redact any personal information that may appear in commercial transactions. This includes things that may personally identify anyone, such as an email address, name, addresse, etc.

We Never Share Personal Information

Our research is anonymized and aggregated, so no individuals are ever targeted using our information. We also cannot share any personal emails as we do not store them, so no human eyes ever read them.

Created for E‑commerce Insights

We create research about e-commerce trends to facilitate learnings for a wide variety of organizations and industries. The aggregated metadata is used for research purposes only by companies that purchase our products.

Consumers Can Opt-Out Anytime

Consumers that no longer wish to participate in providing anonymous purchase information for Edison Trends have the ability to opt-out of data sharing and delete any data we have collected at anytime.

More Informative Insights

Get granular, item-level transaction insights based on actual consumer purchases from tens of thousands of merchants. This highly accurate and detailed view of e-commerce trends can complement or, if needed, replace traditional data sources such as credit card data, which offer broader visibility of macro purchase trends.

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