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How many new customers is your competitor’s subscription bringing in?

In 2019, industry estimates of the total subscription e-commerce market size ranged between $12 - $15 billion. Edison Trends provides the best online subscription intelligence to take advantage of this market. View immediate and accurate sales insights by brand, category, geography, and more. This research allows you to navigate critical revenue trends within subscription markets.

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Subscription Research

Top global brands rely on Edison Trends insights to inform their digital operations strategies. Our research is used by companies as a reference in earnings reports and financial S1s to validate their position in their market based on actual purchase trends.

Compare the Metrics That Matter

Measure online subscription sign-ups vs. cancellations, new customers vs. customer loyalty, geographic performance, and more.

Assess Potential Business Models

Evaluate everything from high-level insights like industry trends and YoY company revenue down to granular subscriptions, special editions, and more.

Understand Competitor Performance

Analyze subscription sales and share in your market. Discover how discounts, promotions, and pricing factor into growth.

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