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Retail e-commerce sales topped 3.53 trillion US dollars in 2019, and this number is expected to grow to 6.54 trillion dollars by 2022. Manufacturers, retailers, and direct-to-consumer companies will need a compelling data strategy to make critical decisions when it comes to their e-commerce operations.

Edison Trends has the actionable research that retail brands and manufacturers need to compete and win online. Offering access to near real-time e-commerce insights based on actual purchase transactions, a world-class data science team, and an array of analytic capabilities. Edison offers an unparalleled view of the online retail landscape, across share of wallet, geographic analytics, customer loyalty, advertising effectiveness, and item level sales.

Online Nike Sales

August to September, 2018 v 2017

Retail Research

Top retailers rely on Edison Trends’ Retail research to drive results. Our insights are used by companies as a reference in earnings reports and financial S1s to validate their position in their market based on actual purchase trends.

Learn Competitor Playbooks

Track daily competitor sales, measure ad campaign or promotional effectiveness. Identify emerging threats.

Item Level Insights

Understand retail demand at item level - by category, brand, or top products. Optimize online product flow, pricing, and more based on actual purchase patterns.

Discover Growth Opportunities

Find the cities and zip codes that drive revenue for your competition. Analyze purchase affinity to assess partnership opportunities.

See how brands make more informed business decisions from our insights.

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