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CPG digital growth will eclipse brick and mortar growth in 2020, with small and new brands making up greater than 50% of category growth. US consumers will purchase hundreds of billions in online grocery over the next year, and it’s more important than ever to have granular and real-time visibility of consumer shopping behavior. CPG manufacturers turn to us for a view of the research to strategically navigate digital shopping trends to increase their share of these dollars. An evolving landscape creates a challenge for CPG manufacturers to adapt and maintain loyal customers.

Finally, a high definition view of digital shopping behavior is now available from Edison Trends. Understand the competitive digital marketplace, identify market opportunities and measure the impact of marketing offers or ads and create powerful sell-in stories for online retail partners.

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Shopper Insights

Edison Trends delivers the ‘why’ behind the buy. Get the best longitudinal shopper panel with granular details. Allows CPG teams to conduct shopper penetration, loyalty switching, buy rate, penetration frequency and more.

Doritos' Competitor Consumer Overlap

Basket Analysis

Increase sales by identifying the items that digital shoppers typically buy when they are shopping. Understand and explore how the analysis differs between retailers. Improve product bundling and get signals for new product development.

Top Brands Purchased Most Often with Doritos

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